Rosa Loses Her Face           Gregor                    Queens Theatre in the Park
The “Fear” Project                    Man                              Naked Angels Productions dir. Rob Morrow
Syria, America                           Jackie Tawil (Lead)       Emerging Artists Theatre

Rosa Loses Her Face           Gregor                    Electric Theatre, Scranton PA
Break                               Marco Genarro         NY Stage & Film
Rough Crossing                         Alex Gal                        Northern Stage, VT

National Pastime                Joe/Keller                Algonquin Theatre
A Yorkshire Fairie Tale        Henry                     On the Leesh Productions                                 
“Help Me Help Myself”         Ben (Lead)              On the Leesh Productions Wr. Jenna Bans              
Sin                                  Josh (Lead)             On the Leesh Productions
The “Democracy” Project     Sullivan                   Naked Angels Productions dir. Pippin Parker
Break (workshop)                     Marco Genarro (Lead)  On the Leesh Productions, w/ Frank Wood
Naked Angels Lab                     John (Lead)                  Naked Angels Productions
How to Act Around Cops            Cop (Lead)                   Singularity Theatre Company
Gareth & Lynette                      Sir Gareth (Lead)          Emerging Artists Theatre
Cymbeline                                Cloten                          Expanded Arts
Mrs. Warren’s Profession            Frank Gardner              Oasis Theatre Company
Master Harold & the Boys          Hally                             Circle in the Square Downtown
The Moon is Blue                       Don Gresham               Circle in the Square Downtown
Unpublished Letters                  Josh                             Circle in the Square Downtown

Film and Television
Law & Order “Shrunk”              Principle                       Dir. Jace Alexander
The Sexually                             Dylan                            On the Leesh Productions
In the Can                                Jonathon                      On the Leesh Productions
In-Betweens of Holly Malone      Dimitri                          On the Leesh Productions
Inside Man (2006)                    Supporting                   Universal Dir. Spike Lee
Soap Scum                               Principle                       On the Leesh Productions
Table for Three                          Lead                             On the Leesh Productions
Kick Some Ass (Music Video)     Carson Daly                  w/ Kevin Smith
Someone to Love                      Principle                       Oracle Pictures
 Stand-up Comedy
Caroline’s Comedy Club, Gotham Comedy Club, Westbeth Theatre, Don’t Tell            Mama, Nuyorican Poets Café

w MFA Acting, Actors Studio Drama Program: Sam Schact, Elizabeth Kemp, Gene Lasko, Jack Gelber, Andrea Manolokakis, Susan Aston
w Naked Angels School: Jace Alexander, Geoffrey Nauffts, Jon Ruocco
w Actor’s Studio Workshop: Liza Minelli, Vivian Nathan, John Strasberg, Arthur Penn, Susan Batson, William Greeves, Lee Grant
w Voice Training: William Riley, Nova Thomas, Keith Buhl, Linda Carroll

Special Skills
Fluent in French, Accents (French, British – all regions, South African, Irish, Scottish, Arabic, Polish American Regions), Mimic, Stand-up Comedy, Driver’s License (Standard/Auto), Horseback Riding